Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I wish this line would hurry up and be released already!

While I'm really, really disappointed that this line will be in the 3.75" format (MOTU size would be much better, and like the originals), I'm still super-excited to pick these up. I had almost all the figures as a kid and this is one of those weird 80's lines that some people remember and some never knew existed.

The Four Horsemen showed off even more figures from the line at Power-Con this past weekend, which only serves to amp up my anticipation for these figures.

Of course, like all action figure lines these days, the molds of the main characters will be used to create secondary characters to help the budget and costs and allow the line to continue.

In this case, the "secondary" figures will be "new" figures/characters. I like the other versions of Ggripptogg and the Power Soldiers are pretty cool, but I'm not digging the Sydot variants. They just look too plain. That black head sculpt is pretty badass looking, though.

These two figures were the Power-Con exclusive figures and sold out quickly at the show. They were then made available on the Four Horsemen's site, but sold out in four minutes.

The 4H are looking at making them available again so everyone who wants a pair can get them.

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