Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A surprise appeared on the HK Blu-Ray release of X-Men: Days of Future Past packaging-- this announcement of a Hot Toys' figure of Wolverine from the film!

Looking at the packaging, it looks like Wolvie is slated for a November release, which is a bit surprising considering that the turn-around time for a HT figure is usually about 8 months, and this one hasn't even been officially announced yet and it's already coming in November?

I guess we'll know more once the actual official announcement it made.

Monday, September 29, 2014


This could be one of the most pivotal action figures to be released in decades.

A bold statement, I know, but let me state my case.

As modern toy/figure collectors here in the US (i.e. not Japan) most of our collecting options come in the form of low-cost toys that are either children's toys made with an eyes towards collectors, or "collector's toys" that need to comply and also sell to children. Either way, there are not very many action figures out there that are made directly for the adult collector market.

We here in the US are flinch at the thought of buying an action figure that breaks the 10-25 dollar barrier. In Japan-- which is far ahead of us in the quality of their action figure market-- collectors are willing to pay for the quality that the companies produce. Because of this, Japanese toy manufacturers are not bound to limiting things like articulation, paint apps and accessories like we are here in the US. In Japan-- much like Hot Toys does with their 12" figures-- they make the best version of that figure possible, and then simply charge the appropriate price.

What Mezco is attempting here is to shatter the "big box store" mold that companies like Hasbro and Mattel must adhere (and DC Direct and Diamond/Marvel Select self impose) and make the best possible figure-- with a second head, all the appropriate hands, a stand and accessories-- all the best possible articulation-- and charge what they need in order to bring that figure to market. What also make this figure ground-breaking is the cloth costume.

We have seen this used to varying degrees of success with 8", Mego-style figures, and to greater success with 12" figures, but in a 6" scale-- done this well--well, that's something we've never seen before.

So Mezco wants to bring us a true action figure, with a cloth costume and additional hands and figure posability. They're taking the best of every scale and every part of US and Japanese action figures, and putting it all into one figure line for the very first time.

Can you imagine what could come next (aside from the Judge Dredd and Universal Monsters they have planned) if this series-- and style of figure-- is successful?

While Marvel Legends is affordable and are nice looking retail action figures, what if Mezco is the first company, taking the first step, to bring adult collectors high-end action figures based on pop culture icons.

Imagine Mezco getting the license to Marvel, or DC or Star Wars. Imagine if companies like Mattel and Hasbro saw that the adult collector market was a viable place to make money because we were willing to actually pay for high-end figure like Mezco's Dark Knight Batman.

I truely believe what Mezco is doing here is as ground-breaking and game changing to the 6" action figure market as Hot Toys was when they revolutionized the 12" figure market.

So, are you willing to pay to support a line like this? (The figure will sell for around $70.00) Or are you happy enough with the hit/miss style of figures that companies like Hasbro gives us in the 6" "collector" scale?

I believe that-- along with the independent company/direct-to-market figures like Boss Fight Studios' Vitruvian HACKS line--if we as collectors hope to have product in the future that fits our standards and needs as adult collectors, that we need to look beyond and outside of the ever shrinking retail store action figure market. Retail sales are getting worse and worse with each passing year, and in time, companies are either going to finally focus all of their energies on the kid market or simply stop producing action figures all-together. As a community, we must find new avenues of action figure collecting from companies who are willing to stand up and acknowledge our presence until the "Big Two" do as well.

Mezco showed off two other versions of Batman from DKR, one in dark blue, the other in light blue, so I'm sure those will be coming as well.

As for this Batman, he'll include the following:

1/12th scale fully posable collectible action figure stands 6.75" tall

- hyper articulated body featuring over 30 points of articulation
- with real fabric clothing

- Four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands including:
- One (1) pair of fists
- One (1) pair of "holding" hands
- One (1) pair of posing hands
- One (1) pair of "Batarang" hands
- One (1) interchangeable boot with pistol holster
- One (1) removable utility belt

- One (1) pistol
- One (1) grappling hook
- One (1) alternate head
- One (1) removable utility belt
- One (1) Bat-symbol display base
- One (1) articulated figure stand for multiple dynamic figure poses
- One (1) detachable cape-posing stand accessory

Figure comes in fifth panel window box with slip cover

He's set for a January 2015 release for around $70.00


Has everyone found their Jedi Luke, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Sandtrooper at Walgreens yet?

It wasn't easy, but after far, far too many trips to 5-6 different Walgreens over the course of the past few weeks, I've finally found them all-- except the Walgreens exclusive Boba Fett. But, the good news is that, starting in November, Walgreens will be shipping full cases of 8 out to 5,000 of their locations, so in Nov, you should finally be able to find one if you haven't already.

After this current wave, Hasbro has three new figures planned to be released in November-- Clone Trooper Sergeant (bleh!), TIE Fighter Pilot (cool!) and Yoda (awesome!!!)

Here's a look at some pics of this upcoming wave. There should be one more figure in the case, but as of now, which one it will be is still a mystery.

As mentioned, this wave will start shipping in November for $19.99 each.

Friday, September 26, 2014


If you remember, when Hot Toys revealed their Star-Lord release, they didn't show the head sculpt based on Chris Pratt's likeness, and the one picture that could have showed it had the sculpt blurred out.

(You can find those pics here.)

There was a sculpt on display are various conventions over the summer-- and I thought it looked great, so I had no idea why Hot Toys wasn't showing it off in their official pictures. Well, that's because they obviously had plans to improve the sculpt and give it a little more of that cocky swagger that Pratt brought to the role, and so, here it is, and it looks fantastic.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


UPDATE 9/26/2014 

I projected that Han and Chewie would take more than a year from now to be released, but according to Sideshow, there two are scheduled for an April 2015 release. I still think that the chances of these actually being released in April is pretty slim, but we shall see.

Also, as I'm sure many of you know now, there is also an exclusive set of both figures available which includes the exclusive accessories from the Han exclusive version as well as a heavy blaster for Chewie that will only be included in this deluxe set.

The price on the set will be $479.99, saving you a whopping $5.00. Yay.


Hold on.... I have to go change my underwear.

Okay, all done.

WOW! What an awesome surprise from Hot Toys!!! They had already announced, almost very quietly, that they would be re-entering the Star Wars universe with new figures, but other than that, we knew nothing.

Then, tonight, out of the blue, Hot Toys released not one, but two figures-- and two awesome ones, to boot-- Han Solo (ANH) and Chewbacca!!

Their previous attempt at Ford with their Indiana Jones figure left everyone feeling "ehhhhhh" despite the head being sculpted by the great Arnie Kim. This time around though, it looks like Hot Toys nailed it!

(I know that certain message boards will be filled with 100 pages of of gripes and complaints about both of these figures, but I prefer to be a lot more optimistic and realistic here.)

I image that this is just the very tip of the enormous iceberg that is the Star Wars Universe of possible figures that we'll be seeing from Hot Toys-- including the upcoming films, as well. (For god's sake, just stay the hell away from those prequel films!!!!)

Okay, I'm going to quit gabbing because I know everyone just wants to see the pictures anyway. Soak them in and prepare for what is sure to be at least a year wait before we see the first figure-- which I'm assuring will be Han, and I'm pretty sure it's going to take Hot Toys a very long time to get the final production version of that absolutely perfect looking Chewbacca right, so it's possible he won't see the light of day until 2016. I'm just guessing here, but judging by HT's track record with these kind of "unique" (i.e. not a TrueType with clothing) figures, they almost always take more than a year to see release.


Exclusive version (which should be the Sideshow Exclusive) will include the Stormtrooper rifle and belt.


Both are set for an April 2015 release with Han priced at $229.99 and Chewbacca set at $254.99


I was really excited and surprised when Sideshow revealed at SDCC that they would be be producing 1/6 scale Marvel figures based (to varying degrees) on their comic book versions.

The first two shown was Deadpool and Wolverine. I was immediately struck by how awesome the Deadpool was, even though I'm one of the few comic readers who isn't a super fan of the character. Wolverine I was far less impressed with, but I still think it's a good looking figure.

Sideshow will be opening their pre-orders for Deadpool tomorrow--Thursday the 25th.

When they first unveiled their DC line at SDCC Sideshow showed off six figures, so we had a pretty good idea of what was coming in the coming months/years, but with the Marvel line, we should be in for some surprises since all we know about so far is DP and Wolvie.

The Sideshow exclusive version includes the Zombie Head.

As mentioned, pre-orders will open Sept 25th and he'll be priced at $229.99