Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The whole ReAction line sprung out of the fact that Super7-- known mainly for their underground art toys-- was able to secure the original molds/prototypes for Kenner's original and unreleased Alien line.

The first wave of ReAction Alien figures-- either based on, or directly molded from Kenner's figures-- was pretty cool and impressive. With the success of that line, Super7 teamed up with the much larger Funko to distribute and produce a whole slew of figures and properties for the ReAction line. However, I think we can all agree, while they're cute and inexpensive, everything since the original Alien wave has been fairly lackluster at best. Nothing has lived up to the original Kenner designed figures, which is a shame, because I was pretty excited to see all the new figures Funko had planned when the continuation of the line was originally announced. The sculpts are rushed and uninspired. Even with the obvious Kenner retro look, the sculpting is just to simple and "soft". Some of them even look like something a kid made in his art class out of clay.

Following with that lackluster trend, Super7/Funko have released photos of their Alien Wave 2 figures-- which were originally seen as the figures inside the "Mystery Eggs" at SDCC.

It contains a re-release of the Alien, except this time with metallic colors, Ripley's head on Kane's Nostromo Suit body, and two almost identical Kane figures, one with a chest-buster and the other with a face-hugger.

Thus far, despite the cheap price and diverse and desirable brands, I have yet to see a single figure in the ReAction line that compels me to buy one.

These are due out in November for $9.99 each.

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