Sunday, September 21, 2014



It looks like two more "ho-hum" figures will be joining the already "ho-hum" Series 7 McFarlane's Walking Dead line. A slight variant of the soon-to-be-released Hershel-- which could have easily been a variant or a single release with additional swap-out parts-- that includes non-exposed prosthetic leg, a "flu mask" on his face, and his own severed head.

The other figure is a re-release of Rick in his cop uniform from Series 1. While it will feature a new head sculpt and hat, it's otherwise the same figure from Series 1, which means it will have extremely limited articulation.


I'm always excited for McFarlane Toys' next wave of Walking Dead TV series figures, but I have to admit that this wave is a bit underwhelming...

I guess it's nice to get a new version of Michonne as she's an awesome character and many new collectors missed out on her the first go-around. But, a new Carl already...? Ehhhh... Aren't there already still plenty of the first version of Carl hanging on pegs at almost every Toys R Us out there?

Garet would be a fine addition to a new wave as I assume that he'll play a major, long running role in the upcoming season, but only if the rest of the wave was a little stronger. But in terms of "new" figures, Garet seems to be the strongest character here, and he's not really that strong of a character (at least not yet, anyway).

The Mud Walker might be the weakest Walker in the entire line. The reason why people love the Walker figures is because of their gory look! But with this Walker covered in mud, we get none of that here.

I'm honestly confused by almost all the choices in this new wave. Granted, there really aren't that many major characters that haven't been done yet, but how about Beth?? Lori??

And I wonder why there's only four figures in this wave... I hope that this line isn't teetering on the brink.

If I were working at McFarlane Toys, I'd suggest making a wave that either introduces nothing but [new] Walkers, or a sub-wave re-releasing nothing but all the previous Walkers. The Walkers are always the first figures to sell out and a lot of people don't have many of the earlier figures. How about that for an idea, McFarlane Toys?!?

This wave will be released in March of 2015 for $14.99 each.


  1. I honestly have to say I was a little upset due to the fact we already have a Carl that looks very similar to the Series 2 Carl. But I have have been looking for Hershel for a long time and a very detailed one at that, I also wanted the Severed head so badly so I pre-ordered I get a Hershel in October 2014 I guess he was made first because around the day before the walking dead comes back on TV is when I get to have the Hershel!

    1. just so you know if you ordered the series 6 hershel it does mot come with the severed head this hershel here is a flashback figure for series 7 this hershel and rick ill come out either before or after series 7