Wednesday, September 24, 2014


UPDATE 9/26/2014 

I projected that Han and Chewie would take more than a year from now to be released, but according to Sideshow, there two are scheduled for an April 2015 release. I still think that the chances of these actually being released in April is pretty slim, but we shall see.

Also, as I'm sure many of you know now, there is also an exclusive set of both figures available which includes the exclusive accessories from the Han exclusive version as well as a heavy blaster for Chewie that will only be included in this deluxe set.

The price on the set will be $479.99, saving you a whopping $5.00. Yay.


Hold on.... I have to go change my underwear.

Okay, all done.

WOW! What an awesome surprise from Hot Toys!!! They had already announced, almost very quietly, that they would be re-entering the Star Wars universe with new figures, but other than that, we knew nothing.

Then, tonight, out of the blue, Hot Toys released not one, but two figures-- and two awesome ones, to boot-- Han Solo (ANH) and Chewbacca!!

Their previous attempt at Ford with their Indiana Jones figure left everyone feeling "ehhhhhh" despite the head being sculpted by the great Arnie Kim. This time around though, it looks like Hot Toys nailed it!

(I know that certain message boards will be filled with 100 pages of of gripes and complaints about both of these figures, but I prefer to be a lot more optimistic and realistic here.)

I image that this is just the very tip of the enormous iceberg that is the Star Wars Universe of possible figures that we'll be seeing from Hot Toys-- including the upcoming films, as well. (For god's sake, just stay the hell away from those prequel films!!!!)

Okay, I'm going to quit gabbing because I know everyone just wants to see the pictures anyway. Soak them in and prepare for what is sure to be at least a year wait before we see the first figure-- which I'm assuring will be Han, and I'm pretty sure it's going to take Hot Toys a very long time to get the final production version of that absolutely perfect looking Chewbacca right, so it's possible he won't see the light of day until 2016. I'm just guessing here, but judging by HT's track record with these kind of "unique" (i.e. not a TrueType with clothing) figures, they almost always take more than a year to see release.


Exclusive version (which should be the Sideshow Exclusive) will include the Stormtrooper rifle and belt.


Both are set for an April 2015 release with Han priced at $229.99 and Chewbacca set at $254.99

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