Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I love this line!

After waiting since February for the fist figures to finally arrive, I picked up the first four released so far and I am thrilled to finally have them!

DC Collectibles has done an outstanding job on every aspect of these figures. From the sculpts to the multiple hands to the perfect accessories to the stands with Bruce Timm's original character designs printed on them-- the figures are worth every penny of the $25 you'll spend on each one.

To me, Kenner's original line was one of the shining toy lines in the otherwise over-saturated and (looking back) horribly sculpted 90's toy era. Not to mention that both animated series redefined superhero cartoons and storytelling.

In this 5th series, DC Collectibles brings us the original animated version of Batman along with The Penguin, Riddler and the New Adventures version of Batgirl.

There are so many more great heroes and villains in both cartoon series that DC Collectibles has yet to show that I hope they produce them all!

And, if this line is successful enough-- which is seems to be so far-- I'd really love to see it continue with both the Superman Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited. This could easily be a toy line that continues on for years and years.

 This new wave will be released in July for $24.99 each.

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