Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Once again, Hot Toys has released a teaser image for the products that will be shipping in the next month or so.

Looks like the Amazing Spider-Man figures is finally shipping!! Jeeze, that thing was supposed to be released so long ago that I forgot that it hadn't even been released yet!

I believe that Ada Wong has been a long time in coming, too.

The 1/4 scale Batman looks amazing!! I would love, love to get one! But do I want to get into 1/4 scale collecting now, too? Do I want to commit to that kind of money and display space? I suppose I could just buy the Batman and be done with 1/4 collecting, but let's be realistic here, once you have one, that's the just the gateway to buying the next awesome looking 1/4 scale figure.

Also of note is the release of the first "Power Pose" figure, with the Iron Man Mark 42. I'm not a fan of this format. I think that you should either make a figure or a statue, but don't make a damned figure/statue. I'm curious to see how this new line performs for Hot Toys.

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