Friday, August 30, 2013


So, if you pre-ordered a set of Super 7's Alien ReAction Series 1 figures, then you've already received the info and e-mail letting you know that the cost of the set has been dropped from $100 to $75.

The reason for this is because Super 7 has partnered with Funko in order to use Funko's distribution and connections to get the figures out into a much wider market. Due to all the extra orders that Super 7 will be getting from this change, they've been able to lower the cost of the figures-- which are now going up for pre-order on several online sites. (Super 7's pre-orders have closed.)

So, if you already pre-ordered this set direct from Super 7-- either from their site or at Comic-Con through the Early Bird pre-order-- you can choose one of two offerings to compensate for the drop in price.

1) You can cancel your pre-order for a full refund and then buy the set elsewhere for $75, if you choose to still buy the set.

2) Or you can keep your $100 pre-order with Super 7 and receive an additional 6th figure that will only be available to those who have already pre-ordered direct from Super 7.

Personally, I'm keeping my pre-order and opting to receive the 6th figure. I don't really see it being a new, fully-tooled figure, but rather some "new" figure using existing parts from the five figures that are already planed for Series 1. (Like perhaps a Dallas in Space Suit.)

If you're on the fence about getting this awesome retro set, hopefully the lower price along with these new pictures will be enough to convince you to grab one. At the very least, grab yourself an Alien for just $14.95!

Super 7 - Funko - Alien Action Figure Set

Super 7 - Funko - Alien Action Figure

Super 7 - Funko - Alien Action Figure Set

The figures will be available in November for $14.99 each, or $74.99 for the set.

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