Thursday, February 18, 2016


Hasbro's Marvel Legends line just keeps growing and growing, and as a huge fan of the line myself, I could not be happier.

There were a lot of reveals last weekend at Toy Fair including the (already revealed) Captain America Civil War based figures along with X-Men, Spider-Man and part of the upcoming Dr Strange tie-in wave.

So let's delve in and see what we have in store for us in 2016.

First up will be the Civil War Captain America tie-in wave. This will include a movie style Cap, Iron Man and Black Panther. Other figures in the wave will be comic book styled Nick Fury, Red Guardian and Nuke.

The build-a-figure from this wave has yet to be officially shown. If you know who it is, then you can assume that it's for potential "spoiler" reasons, although it's all over the internet (including this site), so I don't know why they need to hold it back at this point.

If that's not enough Captain America or Civil War for you, then you'll love seeing this sneak-peek at two of the figures for the Civil War tie-in Wave 2, which includes "Secret War" Cap (with an interesting shield throwing effect) and a movie styled Scarlet Witch.

I assume that the rest of the figures from this wave will be shown at SDCC.

Before we move into the other ML lines that were shown, there's still Civil War 6" ML figures that will offered as multi-pack store exclusives, so let's take a look at those.

Walmart will be offering this exclusive 2-Pack featuring Civil War styled Winter Soldier and Falcon figures.

Target will have this exclusive 2-Pack featuring the Civil War styled War Machine along with Iron Man Mk27 from Iron Man 3.

I'm going to need that War Machine, but the Iron Man is a really, really odd (crappy) choice. So, I think most of us collectors will be paying $40 for a War Machine and just throwing that Iron Man in a box in the closet. or maybe giving it to a youngster to play with.

Getting back to the main line of figures, 2016 will be seeing yet another new wave of Spider-Man Legends figures. There are a lot of great figures in this wave, including a new "ultimate" Spider-Man (with added articulation (new body buck)-- but still nothing like that truly amazing "McFarlane styled Spider-Man from Toy Biz, though), Hobgoblin, Miles Morales Spider-Man and Silk with more-- including the build-a-figure-- to be shown at a later date.

Hasbro also revealed that they'll be doing a Dr Strange based wave and gave us a look at a dew figures in the assortment including Iron Fist and Nico (A-Force) with the build-a-figure from the wave being a re-deco of the Dormammu from the SDCC 2015 exclusive set.

Again, more figures to be revealed, including, I'm sure, the movie version of Dr Strange himself and a few other figures from the movie.

The big Legends reveal at Toy Fair was a line a lot of fans have been clamoring for and feared we might never see again (due to the whole Marvel/Fox drama)-- X-Men Legends!

Rogue was shown at NYCC, but now we get a look at the whole wave, which looks to be a pretty good assortment of characters.

The line-up will include Havok (Uncanny Avengers style), Iceman, Kitty Pryde (with Lockheed), Phoenix, Rogue, Cable and an all-new Deadpool!

The build-a-figure has yet to be revealed, but many believe that it will be Apocalypse. Probably a safe assumption.

Havok, Phoenix, Deadpool and Rogue were previously shown years ago-- but never released-- but all in different forms than they appear here. (To see those figures and many other, click on the Marvel Legends link to your left and do a little scrolling to find it.)

You might think that would be more than enough to announce at Toy Fair for the 2016 Legends line, but like I said earlier, the Legends line just keeps growing and growing and there are still a few more exclusives to talk about.

Accompanying Namor as a Walgreens exclusive later this year will be this much needed new Punisher! This is by far the best looking Punisher that we've received in the line, including from the days of Toy Biz.

Toys R Us will also have another new 3-Pack coming this year consisting of the new Sam (Falcon) Wilson version of Captain America, a new version of the Vision and Kate Bishop version of Hawkeye from Young Avengers.

I don't see any wings on the Falcon Cap, but I do seriously hope that he includes them (although the new and recent 3.75" version didn't either...) The new version of the Vision seems a bit unnecessary considering we already got two versions of him last year, with one of them looking pretty close to this version. The Kate Bishop looks cool, but I'm not much of a fan of the Young Avengers, and I don't remember her wearing her hair in a ponytail...

All in all, this is a staggering line-up of Marvel Legends figures for 2016 already, and Hasbro still has a lot more to reveal, including the rest of the figures for the Dr Strange, Civil War Cap wave 2 and Spider-Man Legends lines. There will also be two ML exclusives for SDCC this year. (They have a very vague hint about what they will be which I interpreted to be some kind of Cap set and some kind of Iron Man set.)

For a look at the actual displays themselves, enjoy these pics courtesy of They have tons of other pics, so head on over and check them out!





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