Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Years ago I attended the "Mattypalooza" panel at SDCC and the question was asked of the MOTU team, "what would your dream toy line to work on be?" All them them, without hesitation, all said "Thundercats". Well, that would certainly be a dream line for Mattel and the Four Horsemen (the sculptors and designers behind Mattel's MOTU line) to work on for collectors, too!

At the time, Bandai held the master license for Thundercats, so it seemed like a it would remain a "dream project" only. But, lucky for us-- and the MOTU crew-- dreams sometimes do come true, and Mattel revealed their acquisition of the Thundercats license at SDCC last year with the Lion-O and Jackalman figures.

A few weeks ago, the rest of the figures for this year's subscription were revealed-- Pumyra and Panthro-- with Mumm-Ra being revealed as the subscription only figure, but with no picture.

Now we have a picture and the exclusive version of Mumm-Ra will be the one in his mummy form. I suppose this is for the best as many collectors who don't want to lock themselves into the subscription can probably live without this version of Mumm-Ra, but would definitely want his "transformed form".

Still, expect this figure to be three or four times the cost of a regular figure once he hits eBay (assuming you choose not to subscribe), and, if this line follows the same trend as the MOTU line, for this figure to only go up in value from there.

I'm 99% sure that I plan on getting the subscription to this line. Thundercats are one of my favorite cartoon series from the 80's, but the old figures always sucked, so this is collector's first chance to really get a proper Thundercats line done the way they deserve to be done!

The subscription is open now over at mattycollector.com and will only stay open until 2/26/2016, so you have until that date to sign up. Also, you only have to pay for one figure at the time you subscribe and then will be billed monthly as the figures are released starting in September with Lion-O.

They will be $25 each for subscribers and $30 each for non-subscribers who will have to buy them one at a time as they're released on the site-- if they don't sell out within minutes like some of the MOTU figures do. Also, be prepared to pay tax and Mattel's outlandish shipping cost on these figures which will jack the price up another $12-$15 each.

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