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Here are the official Aliens Series 1 images from NECA.

NECA Aliens Series 1 Alien Warrior Figure - Official Image

NECA Aliens Series 1 Corporal Hicks Figure - Official Image

NECA Aliens Series 1 Private Hudson Figure - Official Image


Here we get a good look at the articulation on these new figures-- which is really outstanding considering the fact that NECA figures used to be part figure, part statue only a few years ago.

Also, as to the different head sculpts, NECA says that both Husdon and Hicks will come with different sculpts and equipment as a running change during the shipping of Wave 1. This means that if you want Husdon with the aggressive head, and a helmet or motion detector, and they don't come in the same figure pack, then you'll have to buy both versions of Hudson. Also, since they won't be shipping at the same time, if NECA ships the "game over" sculpt first and you want the aggressive head, then you're gonna have to wait will it's released.

Personally, I don't like these kinds of tactics from toy companies. If you're going to offer variety, then do it all in one figure pack. Don't pull some bullshit move where you make us buy two full-price figures to complete the look you intended for that character. Put the extra sculpt in the pack and give us all the gear and charge us more, but don't make us hunt this shit down and buy two full figures.

But... I understand that this is what toy companies must do to ensure that they make the most money possible. It's not always about greed, it's also partially just about being able to keep costs at the price Toys R Us wants them to be (yes, that is how things work, your main retailer can say that a company needs to keep their product within a certain price point) and the double sale of figures means that NECA makes enough money to keep the line going. So, it's a double-edged sword.

 UPDATE - 12/13/2012 - NEW PICS!

NECA released a few more pics today of Corporal Hicks, this time fully painted! It also gives a nice look at the articulation of these new figures as well as some paint details.

NECA Aliens Series 1 Hicks Figure

NECA Aliens Series 1 Hicks Figure

 Today NECA has given is nice look at what we can expect from their ALIENS series when it arrives this spring.

We saw the 2-Up version of Hudson with his "Game Over" head sculpt at Comic Con this year, but now we get to see the Hicks prototype and some paint samples of Hudson along with a prototype that seems to feature a second sculpt for the figure.

But the best preview of all is this freakin' amazing look at the new Alien Warrior. Now that's how you do an Alien figure!! Damn, that thing looks awesome!

I really, really hope that the Aliens line does as well at retail as the Predator line has been for NECA. That's the only way we're ever gonna get a chance to see some awesomeness like Ripley in the Power Loader and the Alien Queen!

Oh, I'm dreaming of those figures for my collection already..!

NECA Aliens Series 1 Hudson Figure
Hudson 2-Up from SDCC

NECA Aliens Series 1 Hudson Figure

NECA Aliens Series 1 Hudson Figure
A new head sculpt for Hudson?

NECA Aliens Series 1 Hicks Figure
 Corporal Hicks

NECA Aliens Series 1 Alien Warrior Figure
Alien Warrior with 30 points of articulation

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