Thursday, December 20, 2012


This is part of LEGO's CUUSOO Project. Well, what the hell is that, you ask. I'll tell you.

Actually I think I'll have LEGO tell you, straight from their CUUSOO site:

1.Have an Idea? Create a Project, share your product concept, and see what other people think.

2.Get 10,000 Supporters. Projects with 10,000 supporters are reviewed quarterly by LEGO for a chance to become an official LEGO product.

3.Receive Royalty. If your project passes review and is chosen for production, you will receive 1% of the total net sales of the product. See the guidelines for more details.

In this case, the creators of this set-- a pair of talented folks out of Japan-- have decided to give the total of their 1% royalties directly to the Micheal J. Fox foundation for (or is it against?) Parkinson's Disease. Pretty damn generous of them. (Unlike LEGO. 1% royalties? Wow.)

No pricing info or release date yet. All this is still in the early stages.

You can read about LEGO CUUSOO here - LEGO CUUSOO Home.

LEGO CUUSOO Back to the Future Delorean Marty McFly & Doc

LEGO CUUSOO Back to the Future Delorean Marty McFly & Doc

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