Friday, December 21, 2012


From the "out of left field" realm of toy news today, the sculpting powerhouse (and action figure production house) The Four Horsemen have announced that they will be creating a line a of action figures based on Revell's 80's toy line: Power Lords.

Now, for a total toy geek like myself, this is seriously cool news. I had all the Power Lords figures as a kid, and while they weren't as awesome as He-Man (the two had similar themes and scale), they did have a very cool charm of of their own.

Because they were produced by a model making company, they had sharp details and some cool action features and chromed accessories. But, where they failed was in using a lot of the same plastic the Revell was used to using in their model kits, which wasn't strong enough to be used for the rough play of kids. This resulted in a lot of broken figures.

The interesting (and hopefully good) news is that the Four Horsemen will also be bringing on-board the creator of Power Lords, Wayne Douglas Barlowe, who is also a renowned sci-fi conceptual artist. They did the same thing when they revived the 60's toy line The Outer Space Men by working along side their creator Mel Birnkrant.

No word as to the scale of the figures, or if they'll be re-makes of the originals (like the Outer Space Men) or if Barlowe will be creating brand-new characters and aliens for the line.

Personally, I do hope that we see all the original characters. I really liked this toy line a lot as a kid, but it lacked the promotional heft of other toy lines at the time like Master of the Universe and Transformers-- which had cartoon series to keep kids interested through the years.

Here's the official launch site or more details -

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