Thursday, December 20, 2012


While we still wait for our Promtheus, X-Men First Class and Captain Harlock figures to materialize, Hot Toys has even more licenses to announce.

Some of these are a given to be produced, others might need to be taken with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that Hot Toys doesn't always create product for everything that they announce. (Remember the Green Lantern announcement?)

The Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 are no brainers and were pretty obvious even before the announcement. It's good to see Hot Toys revisiting AVP (although I'd prefer that they re-release some of the older Predator 2 and Aliens figures) and are also and easy bet considering that Predators are almost always top sellers for them.

The Lone Ranger I'm a bit unsure about. I didn't give a damn about the Pirates films, and this is another collaboration between director Gore Verbinski (who also directed The Ring-- which I liked way more) and Johnny Depp. These could be cool though. I loved the Lone Ranger as a kid and had the Gabriel produced figures and horses, but I'm not sure about this interpretation.... I think the films box office will determine of these figures get produced or not.

The other big surprise was like the best and worst toy news ever (for me). Hot Toys is doing G.I. Joe. Normally, that would be a "holy shit" moment for me (since 90% of Sideshow's Joe stuff is crap), but the bad part is that it's obviously figures from GI Joe: Retaliation.

Most people are assuming that the first figure will be The Rock as Roadblock since that's the image shown, but it's also the official movie poster, so it's not a definite that he'll be the first character they do. >sigh< But he probably will be. Figures with recognizable movies stars likenesses are the best toy sellers globally, so Hot Toys tends towards those kinds of figures. So where does that leave ol' Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow? I guess we'll have to wait and see. There are a lot of characters in this film, and unless it's either Terminator, Predator or Iron Man, Hot Toys tends not to dip too deep in to the well to create too many figures from a movie. Again, the box office will probably determine who and how many figures we get from the movie.

Hot Toys AVP Aliens vs Predator

Hot Toys Iron Man 3

Hot Toys Man of Steel

Hot Toys The Lone Ranger

Hot Toys GI Joe: Retaliation

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