Tuesday, March 22, 2016



I read tons of Clive Barker all throughout high school, including the story titled "The Hellbound Heart" upon which the Hellraiser movie was based.

Barker was all about taking the twisted desires of humanity and bringing them to the physical form with a kind of visceral description that your mind couldn't help but imagine in the most horrific of ways.

While Hellraiser was only loosely based on The Hellbound Heart, Barker took the film several steps further, unleashing a film that was unapologetic about its subject matter and the brutality of its characters. True, it was low-budget and, in some areas, somewhat cheesy at times, it still pushed the boundaries of what had been captured on celluloid before. I don't think that audiences were ready for this film at the time, but thanks for the vision of Barker and the creation of the horrifically brutal Cenobites-- namely Pinhead-- it became a cult film spawning off many sequels, but none captured the true vision of what Barker had created with the first film and the movies dipped further and further into formulaic horror films.

I'll always love that first Hellraiser and the layers of the dark humanity that Barker conveyed to his audience.

Pinhead has acquired many fans (souls?) over the years and still remains fairly popular among geek culture and horror movie enthusiasts, and with that popularity must come toys!

You can thank Mezco for this upcoming 12" Pinhead action figure which looks to be a magnificent rendition of the Cenobite leader.

Price and release date into is pending.

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