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For those who don't know, ReAction (those $10 carded figures you see all over the place featuring pop culture and movie characters) is a cooperation between independent toy manufacturer Super 7 and the larger known Funko-- who also make the ever popular Pop Vinyl figures.

While it seemed that Funko had almost completely taken over the reigns of the brand, Super 7 showed off some new upcoming figures and brands at this year's Toy Fair after only previously releasing the initial Alien figure that kicked off the line.

Keeping with that theme, they'll be moving on to the second film-- Aliens-- with an Alien Queen figure and a Ripley with Power Loader.

Finally, going beyond the Alien/s theme, Super 7 will be releasing several other ReAction figures this year. Coming as no surprise to anyone who remembers last year's Super 7 SDCC exclusive, they'll be releasing Masters of the Universe figures starting with the same four they had a Comic-Con.

Joining MOTU this year will also be a few other licensed properties, including Megaman, Hellboy and Street Fighter II.

While none of the actual figures were shown, we do get a look at some mock ups.

Super 7's sculpting and paint apps a step above the usual Funko ReAction figure, and as such, these will be $14.99 each.

Funko also had some new ReAction figures on display, apparently moving their Game of Thrones license from the 6" Legacy line to the 3.75" ReAction line.

Stay tuned for official photos and release dates as they become available.

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