Friday, March 15, 2013



Diamond Select has shown the alternate head sculpts and hands for ol' Wolvie. Looks like the second pair of hands will actually be bone claw hands. I wonder if he has them in the movie for some reason... Maybe a flashback?

The angry sculpt look pretty nice, although I don't think that either of them really look all that much like Hugh Jackman. Maybe they're based on his stunt double.

Marvel Select The Wolverine Movie FigureMarvel Select The Wolverine Movie Figure


Diamond Select has released a few images for their forthcoming Wolverine figure from the new film, "The Wolverine".

The shirtless look seems a little boring to me. I guess it's probably a good representation of Wolverine on the whole because it's not so scene specific that it prevents it from being a decent generic Wolvie figure, but I have to think that there's a slightly cooler look for him in the film somewhere.

Diamond says that the figure will also some with a second head sculpt (an angry/screaming sculpt, I assume), a second pair of fists (sheathed claws) and a base that has yet to be shown.

He's slated to be released some time in the fall.

Marvel Select The Wolverine Movie Figure

Marvel Select The Wolverine Movie Figure

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