Sunday, March 24, 2013


UPDATE - 3/25/2013 - OFFICIAL PICS!!!

Here's a better look at both the Comic-Con exclusive "Batusi" Boxed Set as well the the Cesar Romero Joker.

Mattel 1966 Batman TV Show - Comic-Con SDCC 2013 Exclusive "Batusi" Set

Mattel 1966 Batman Cesar Romero Joker Figure


Thanks to we're getting our first look at the Joker figure from Mattel's 1966 Batman Television Show figure series as well as the planned Comic-Con exclusive for 2013.

Apparently there was a WB party at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles this evening (great comic shop by the way) where they launched much of the various 1966 based Batman merchandise that will be coming our way from a myriad of different companies this year.

There, Mattel revealed the Cesar Romero Joker figure as well as the Comic-Con exclusive which will be a Batman figure doing the "Batusi" dance. For those who aren't familiar with the old TV series-- which, as a kid was awesome, but as an adult is little more than ridiculous parody of the comic book and superhero genre-- the "Batusi" was a dance that Batman did in a few of the episodes. This was mainly do to the fact that this was the 60's and for some reason, dancing was just "groovy, man", so obviously Batman was groovy, too

For the most part, the "Batusi" was marked by Batman doing the 60's dance thing where you open your fingers like a pair of scissors and move them across your eyes. (Kinda like Travolta in Pulp Fiction.)

Here, I'll let comic artist Mike Allred tell you more.

And now, onto the pics!

Mattel 1966 Batman Cesar Romero Joker Figure

Mattel 1966 Batman TV Show - Comic-Con SDCC 2013 Exclusive "Batusi" Set

I have to admit-- that packaging is freakin' awesome!!

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