Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Before there was HALO or Tomb Raider or Gears of War, or any other modern video game franchise, there was The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

When I a was kid, Zelda was the game to play. It was had the best story of any video game up until that point, and it was the perfect mixture of action, adventure and role-playing. To this day, The Legend of Zelda series, despite a few hiccups, still stands tall among the throngs of other games on the modern day market as a true gamer's game.

While I haven't owned the last few generations of Nintendo consoles, Zelda still remains one of my favorite franchises of all time.

Wanting a Link for my action figure collection, I'd been thinking about trying to pick up the Figma Link figure (also from Skyward Sword), but now, having seen this Link-- this is the one to get without a doubt.

It's been a loooong time since I've given Medicom any of my money, but with the looks of this Link figure, I'm all in on this one.

He includes his Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Bow and Arrow, a Beetle and an Alternate (angry) Head! (No boomerang!? I guess he doesn't have it in this game.) I don't know this for certain, but it looks like the eyes might also be movable on these sculpts since he seems to be looking to the side in a few of them.

He will be available in November for Y 20,790 (approx 215.00). Yeah.. Medicom figures are not cheap.

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