Saturday, July 13, 2013


Leave it to the Japanese and Bandai to know exactly how to make awesome stuff for action figure collectors.

Coming soon will be these freakin' amazing looking Effects Sets for not only your Kamen Rider figures, but for any and all of your suitably sized action figures. These could easily work with Transformers, GI Joe, Master of the Universe, Marvel Legends. Anything that could use a little boost to push your diorama type display over the top! And if I know Bandai, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as these cool new sets go.

First up we've got an Explosion "Act" Effects Set. The shot of Fourza and Meteor jumping through the explosions on their bikes looks like it's from the the show! Awesome!

Next there is the Flame "Act" Effect Set.

Then there's this very cool Impact "Act" Effect Set.

The final set shown was a "Stage" Set in the form of a grouping of Steps.

These set will run between $15 - $25 each, depending on the set. (Check out the yen prices in the pics.) No firm release date as of yet.

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