Sunday, July 28, 2013


Most collectors knew that Aliens Series 2 would be consisting of the blue version of the Alien Warrior from Aliens, as well as the original 1979 Alien, but what was the third figure going to be?

NECA announced a month or so ago that it would be another Marine that would carry a flamethrower. There was speculation that the Marine would be Apone because one of the behind-the-scenes pictures at NECA's studio showed a sculptor looking at a monitor with Apone clearly on it.

But the third figure will not be Apone (although he may still be coming down the line.) Instead it will be Sgt. Craig Windrix.

Don't remember him from the movie, you say? You wouldn't. He was never in it. Craig Windrix is the brother of a sculptor at NECA whom the crew are all very close to. Craig-- a young man in his early 30's-- was abruptly diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier in the year, and is currently in the fight of his life for his life.

As a show of love and support for Craig and his brother, Randy Falk-- head of NECA-- decided to add Craig to the Aliens line-up for the second series.

This is just one of the things that makes NECA such a unique company. They do so many things-- including their constant communication with collector on places like Twitter-- on such a personal level that is completely distinguishes them from corporate entities like Hasbro or Mattel.

I'm definitely sending Craig Winderix all the well-wishes that I can muster. All my prayers to him and his family and my absolute hope that you kick this thing's ass!

NECA Aliens Series 2 - 1979 Alien - Blue Alien Warrior - Sgt. Chris Windrix

NECA Aliens Series 2 - 1979 Alien Figure

NECA Aliens Series 2 - Blue Alien Warrior Figure

Look for Series to be in stores in August for around $18.99 each.

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