Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Aside from the new toys and collectibles shown off at Comic-Con last week, there was also a lot of other bits of news about upcoming products.

Here's some info from the NECA booth.

NECA has acquired the Planet of the Apes license. This will include both the old and new films. Unlike the DC and Mavel 6" figure licenses, which are owned by Mattel and Hasbro, NECA won't be limited to doing just 1/4 scale figures, so expect at full line of 6"-7" figures to be rolling out some time next year.

No word was given on the possibility of a Astronaut Taylor figure just yet. It seemed that the initial focus would be on the various Apes.

Pacific Rim Series 3 is in the planning stages at the moment. Many fans-- including me-- at hoping for a Cherno Alpha, but it will be some time before NECA makes any official announcements. Hopefully the line will continue to do well enough to warrant the new tooling for new Jagers.

Also, another 18" figure (Gypsy Danger being the first) is a good possibility. The likelihood is that it will be Striker Eureka, but again, this is far from being "official" just yet.

Predator Series 14 will be the next wave to be a Kenner homage series. The plan is for one series a year to continue this trend.

Kenner inspired Aliens figure are a definite possibility as the line progresses.

You can expect to see Nostromo crew members from the original 1979 Alien film to appear in the Aliens line in the future.

Randy Falk said-- very carefully, and without actually saying it-- that they are trying very hard to get the rights to be able to do all the members of the Nostromo. He said he couldn't comment further, but his demeanor was one of hopeful confidence.

Not speaking for Randy, but if I'm to interpret this his words in my own way, I'm thinking that we might actually be getting close to finally seeing a Ripley in the Alien(s) line. Something that was thought-- and said-- to be impossible for years now.

The characters that he did say we'd see would be Dallas and Drake.

1/4 scale figures from the upcoming Arkham Origins video game are coming. (Check out the sneak peek of the 1/4 scale Batman above.)

Other 1/4 figures in the works include a Robin from the 1966 Batman Television Series, 1/4 scale Heath Ledger styled Joker from The Dark Knight film (although I don't think that they can do a 1/4 Batman due to Hot Toys and Enterbay having the licenses-- but I hope I'm wrong.)

Also, there is strong hope that next year will bring a 1/4 scale Hulk from the Avengers. The figure would stand over two feet tall!

There will be a figure of Rambo from First Blood: Part II coming on 2014.

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