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This is what I've been waiting to see. The figures look cool and kitschy, but to really compete the retro look and feel of this line, Zica needed to come up with blister card packing that carried the same retro feel and punch of their figure.

So, did they deliver? I'd have to say yes, yes they did. I'm officially on board with this line.

Zica 3.75" Six Million Dollar Man Col Steve Austin Figure

Zica 3.75" Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Bigfoot Figure



Via Big Bad Toy Store, we have some new info on Zica's new Six Million Dollar Man 3.75" line.

To be honest, I'm a little put off on the price, which will be $20 a figure. Now, I know that this Zica is a small company and that this will have a small production run, but at the end of the day, regardless of those factors, in a retail situation, the price still has to be comparable to what you're getting. I'm not saying that these figures won't be worth $20, but it's a bit of a stretch considering that I can get a NECA figure-- which is way more complex and detailed-- for only $16-$18. For me, the deciding factor on these figures is going to be the packaging. For vintage style figure like these, the packaging can push a small $20 figure over the top into a "must-buy" situation-- as with the Four Horsemen's Outer Space Men line.

Also up for pre-order is a three figure set which includes Steve Austin in a blue tracksuit. This set is $50, to you're only paying an additional $10 for this limited figure which will only be available a pre-order incentive.

Zica 3.75" Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin - Bionic Bigfoot - Pre-Order Exclusive


This is... pretty cool.

As a child of the 70's and 80's, the Six Million Dollar Man-- or Bionic Man-- was a big part of my childhood. He was the first "super hero" I ever watched on TV and a I had quite a few of the original 12" Kenner action figures.

If I were to have my wish, I'd love to see a company like NECA create some modern day figures of Steve Austin and crew, all looking highly realistic, detailed and beautifully articulated. But, so far, we've only got some Mego-ish SMDM figures and now these.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do like the this idea. While Kenner did 12" figures from the show, they never did 3.75" figures, as the line existed before they did Star Wars, which is what got the 3.75" movement going. So to see something like this, looking so brilliantly like something that Kenner would have done back in the day, I'm pretty jazzed seeing what Zica has done.

The first wave, consisting of Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man himself-- and in his classic Kenner attire, no less-- as well as the monstrous Bionic Bigfoot.

(Fun Fact: Bionic Bigfoot was created by aliens-- yes, aliens-- and, in his first appearance on the show, was played by WWF Legend Andre the Giant!)

Zica has high hopes for the line, with many move waves planned as well as vehicles and playsets.

If the packaging is done right, I'll have no doubt that this line will be a real hit for them.

Zica 3.75" Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin - Bionic Bigfoot Figures


  1. http://plaidstallions.blogspot.com/2007/03/hey-bigfoot-got-your-ears-on.html

    looks like something similar was made back then as part of the "Tower Of Power" playset.

    1. Very true! I don't even remember that playset... If I had known it existed, I certainly would have wanted it as a kid!