Friday, October 10, 2014


Hasbro unveiled a  few new figures were this week at NYCC and also released some official pictures.

First up is 3.75" (or 4" now I guess) Marvel Infinite line. Shown here are the variant figures for the first wave-- the grey Beast and the "sand" version of Sandman-- as well as the full line-up for the second wave, consisting of Doc Ock, Thunderstrike, Vulture, Shanna (!) and Armored Daredevil.

Marvel Legends is probably my favorite retail toy line at the moment, so any new reveals for that line is always exciting for me, and Hasbro gave us a look at three new figures for Avengers Legends Infinite line.

Two figures are from the next summer's Avengers: Age of Ultron in the form of Captain America and the Hulk who seems to be sporting some official Avengers super hero pants! Also planned for this wave but not shown are Iron Man Mk 43 ("and more") with the build-a-figure being Thanos. Even though this will an "Age of Ultron" movie wave, I'm assuming that the Thanos will be the comic version shown at SDCC this year and not a new movie version. I could be wrong, but I'd think they'd want to hold that one back until Thanos has more of a staring role in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Also revealed for the first time is a modern version of Valkyrie-- yet another female figure joining the already announced and forthcoming Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Hellcat, Spider-Woman, Maria Hill and (possibly) Magik. This is more female figures than we've ever seen in a single year from Hasbro in the Legends line! I know that Laura (I don't know her last name, but I don't know that she's a super cutie-- so, Laura (or is it Lara) call me! >wink wink<) from the Legends team at Hasbro has been pushing for more female figures in the line, so it looks like her efforts are paying off! Also, it doesn't hurt that Disney-- a company who loves cultural and gender diversity-- it now behind Marvel.

No word on where Valkyrie-- or Hellcat and Spider-Woman for that matter-- will fit into the line, but I do hope this isn't another one of Hasbro's infamous "bait and switches" with the Legends line. (Or maybe I should say "bait and never release". Man, there are so many good figures they've shown over the years that never got released that I'd love to see!)

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