Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I don't know if collectors find these Disney Store exclusives frustrating or not.

On one hand, there aren't all that many Disney Stores out there than getting to one is easy for a lot of collectors, on the other hand, I think that these exclusives do make more figures available in the line than what would be released if they were still only available through Diamond at comic retailers.

You can, of course, purchase the Disney Store exclusives online, but you'll also have to pay shipping, so I can see how this can be a little frustrating, too.

While this is a great looking figure, I'm so burnt out on seeing Iron Man figures! But, if you're a Marvel Select collectors, it's the one line where it could use a decent comic book styled Iron Man. The last one was looking pretty dated ant pitiful at this point-- especially with how "flat" and oddly skinny he was.

Like other exclusive releases, you can purchase it first (and now) at shop.marvel.com and then, beginning Oct 27th at disneystore.com. It will then begin showing up at Disney retail outlets. He's priced at $24.99

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