Friday, October 24, 2014


After the apocalypse, the only things that will survive will be cockroaches and Iron Man figures because, at this point, there's about equal amounts of both.

Yes... Here comes yet another Iron Man figure by yet another toy company.

This one is by Japanese toy company Sentinel and the only thing it really has going for it-- other than the removable armor parts, which seems more of a child's play features to me-- is that it's based on the the comic book version of Iron Man.

It'll be the usual mix of plastic with a dash of die cast to jack up the price to over the 100 dollar mark and will stand at 7" tall. The Tony Stark head will also have movable eyes.

No importer has picked this up yet, but I'm sure it'll be available stateside from the usual online dealers.

At this point, I'd be more impressed if a toy company DIDN'T put their Iron Man figure in this pose.

The Japanese release date is December with a Yen price of Y11,800 (approx $110)

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