Friday, October 17, 2014


This is fantastic news!

If you're like me then the Ghostbusters figures from Mattel just didn't cut it for you. For "collector" figures, they were kinda cheap and the head sculpts were weird, cartoony and all around terrible. And, if you're doing figures from some of the most recognizable characters (ie actors) in their iconic roles then you've got to nail the likenesses. (I will say that Mattel did a pretty good job on the proton packs, though.)

Now it looks like Diamond Select has acquired the license to produce Ghostbusters figures and will bringing us all four of the 'Busters! (With the possibility of more to follow, but only the four are planned for now.)

No pics or prototypes yet, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Diamond Select (along with their brilliant sculptor Jean St Jean, who I'm sure will be involved in the line) will be going a much better job than Mattel. Plus they're likely to be in the larger 7" scale, which I think is perfect for a line of figure like these.

Again, all I can say to all those involved at Diamond Select is that you've got to nail those likenesses! I don't want figures of Murray and Co's "stunt doubles"-- I want figures of Murray and crew proper!

Oh, and if you can squeeze a Slimer in there somewhere, that would be cool, too.

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