Saturday, October 11, 2014


Now we're talkin'!

I absolutely love Mattel's Master of the Universe Classics line. Sure, they've had a few hiccups, but as an overall line, they are probably-- and easily-- some of the best US action figures being produced today.

Personally, I don't care for much outside of the original MOTU characters, and, although I do buy the Princess of Power characters too, they don't really get me as excited as the MOTU figures. I just didn't watch the POP cartoon nor collect the figures ("those are for girls!") as a kid. The other figures in the line-- like "New Adventures" and Filmation figures-- while looking cool, just aren't for me. I don't need or want that many MOTU figures. I'm just a fan of the originals.

At SDCC this past year, I was pretty underwhelmed with the announcements of upcoming figures, with Tung Lashor and Ninjor being the only real cool figures for me. However, this new reveal of figures coming in Q2 of 2015 is way more my style! We get our first look at Blast-Attack! Sssqueeze! And Multi-Bot!!!

Oh, and a POP character... Angella. (Who does look cool.)

Angella will be the April figure and will feature wings straight from the DC Universe Hawkgirl figure. She also has a clear "halo" that plugs into the wing mechanism on her back so that it sits right behind her head.

The May figure will be Blast-Attack who, sadly, will not split in two like the original figure did. I really hoped that Mattel would find a way to implement this feature into the new Classics version of the character, but I'm honestly not surprised that they didn't, therefore my disappointment is pretty minimal. I know that the outrage on the internet is already at a fever pitch because of this, but, come on people, you know this line, you know how they do things, you know what to expect by now. And I don't say this to put down Mattel at all, I'm just saying because a lot of times people have some seriously unrealistic expectations of figures.

Even without the action feature, this figures is freakin' awesome, featuring almost 100% new tooling!

In June we're getting the final figure to complete the Snake Men-- Sssqueeze!!

This figures is just mind-blowingly awesome! He will be-- aside from his feet-- 100% new tooling (again!) and will feature "bendie" arms.

And finally, the oversized/beast figure for Q2 2015 will be Multi-Bot!! Kaboom. My head just exploded.

And, in case you're wondering, yes, you will be able to interchange his parts with Modulok! Also, you'll be able to split this figure apart at the mid-torso, unlike Modulok.

Oh, and my prediction for the SDCC 2015 exclusive? Rotar and Twistoid!

Here's a look at the full video reveal.

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