Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Mattel's Secret Wars figures were some of the most disappointing figures of my childhood.

They were out at the same time as Kenner's brilliant Super Powers toy line-- which I put in the Top 10 most important toy lines of all time.

I've always been a life-long comic book fan, but always more of a Marvel fan. As a kid, when I discovered that there were Marvel figures based on the Secret Wars comics, I was so excited. However, when I finally saw the figures, that all fell away. Sure, I bought them because there had never been figures of characters like Wolverine and Magneto and Dr Doom, but they were pretty terrible. They all used pretty much the same generic mold and all the details that should have been sculpted were just painted on with paint that you could pretty much just rub off with your fingers.

They also came with some stupid shield that had lenticular images that moved when you moved the shield. Even Captain America came with this shield instead of his normal shield-- something that always frustrated me.

Magneto and Dr Doom didn't have capes. Wolverine had these terrible clip-on claws. The figures were glossy looking with crappy articulation... The line to me, even as a kid, was a mess and a total disappointment. In short, I don't consider it to be a high point in the history of action figures.

Well, apparently Gentle Giant would disagree with that as they're creating a brand new "jumbo" line of figures dedicated to the original Secret Wars line.

They are starting things off with Spider-Man in his black suit (which first appeared in Secret Wars before the suit became the entity known as Venom) and Hobgoblin. The other two featured here appear to be Wolverine and Kang.

So, if the original sized figures just didn't give you enough "crap" for your buck, then GG has got you covered and is willing to sell you "jumbo" crap! Not that their work is bad, but Mattel's original figures..? Well, I think I've ranted more than enough about those.

If you're so inclined, you can pre-order these from Gentle Giant now for $90 each.

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