Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Predator is one of my favorite movies of all time. I just love the mythos of the Predators and the film itself is about as bad ass a sci-fi action films get.

I've always wanted to see a proper sequel to the original film where the Predator(s) are back on Earth and they need to go to the one man who has ever defeated one-- Arnold's Dutch-- to defeat them again.

At the end of Predator, Dutch is a broken and defeated man. Just look at Arnold's face as he's lifted off the in the helicopter. That man will never be the same again. He's lost everything and everyone that's ever had meaning to him. I'd love to see Arnold play that Dutch in a new Predator film.

Play Arts Kai will soon be releasing their version of the original Predator in figure form. I really like what I'm seeing here. He'll obviously be coming with several display options, with the open mouth, closed mouth and helmeted head along with the usual multiple hands.

I also like that his "dreads" are flowing rather than just draping down around his head. This kind of gives him a different, more action oriented look than almost every other Predator figure that's been released-- and there's been a lot of them over the years.

Look for Play Arts for release more photos and info soon.

Play Arts Kai - Original Movie Predator figure

Play Arts Kai - Original Movie Predator figure

Play Arts Kai - Original Movie Predator figure

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