Thursday, November 6, 2014


Shown way back earlier in the year at February's Toy Fair, NECA is finally giving us a solid release date on their next wave of Predator figures. (Wave 12 is currently hitting store now.)

Wave 13 will be another series based on the old Kenner Predator series of figures. When I first heard of these figures, I didn't think I'd like them. I mean, the Kenner Predators were pretty "out there" and kinda wacky looking, but with the realistic sculpting of NECA's figures, the color schemes and designs (although more loosely based) actually look awesome, and the Kenner homage figures have become some of my favorite in the line.

This series will include the Cracked-Tusk Predator (although he doesn't look to be living up to namesake to me), Renegade Predator and Scavenge Predator.

NECA - Predator Series 13 - Kenner Series - Cracked Tusk Predator figure

NECA - Predator Series 13 - Kenner Series - Renegade Predator figure

NECA - Predator Series 13 - Kenner Series - Scavenge Predator figure

Some people are complaining about the reuse of parts on this line, but I'm always amazed by NECA's ability to give us so many awesome looking Predators just by mixing around parts and giving them kick ass paint designs. But, I can understand that some people are feeling a little "burn out" with these same figures and parts being reused over and over again. I'm feeling it a bit myself. But, don't forget that next year will see the release of the AvP line of Predators, all of which will include brand-new body sculpts (with much better articulation) and parts. As NECA moves forward with these kinds of homage and comic book style series, I expect that they'll feature a lot more of those new sculpts.

For shits and giggles, I've added some images of the original Kenner figures that NECA is recreating in this wave.

This wave is due in March, and from the look of things, I think that NECA may be raising the base price of their Predator figures from $19.99 to $24.99, although this isn't confirmed just yet.

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  1. Since this are repaints of series 10, I don´t know if they worth it specially with the price raising.