Friday, December 13, 2013


Next to the original "Jungle Hunter" Predator, I think the Elder Predator is one of the coolest looking of all the Predators. (I never really liked the "super" Predators from the 2010 Predators movie.)

The scene where he, and the rest of the "Lost Tribe" Predators, show up at the end of Predator 2 is the film's saving grace. (And the fact that there's an Alien skull on the trophy wall.) It showed them to be an honorable race with respect for warriors who were able to best them in combat. I thought that gave them a greater depth than had previously been depicted.

The one Predator through which this respect was shown was the Elder Predator when he give the flintlock gun to Danny Glover's character for defeating the young "City Hunter" Predator. And, even though he was only on-screen for but a minute, I always wanted to see and know more about the Elder and the members of the "Lost Tribe".

For me, this figure is a must have. I collect all of NECA 6" Predators and have the City, Jungle, and Elder Predators in the 1/4 scale (all amazing figures by the way), but having a Hot Toys Elder Predator would be one of the shining gems in my collection. (And this version is much better-- and more affordable-- than the original Hot Toys Elder Predator.)

The detail in this one is just incredible, especially the way the recreated the colors on his "dreds".

He won't have a mask or "open mouth" mandibles since he was never shown that way in the film, so hopefully we'll get a slight break on the price for this guy, but I'm not holding my breath.

Look for him sometime in July for a retail of $224.99

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