Thursday, December 26, 2013

TOY NEWS FOR 12/24/2013 - ENTERBAY - TERMINATOR 2 - 1/4 SCALE T-1000

I have the Hot Toys versions of the T-800, T-100 and Sarah Connor, but I think I'm about to sell them all off and buy the Enterbay 1/4 scale Battle-Damaged T-800. That thing is a work of art and I have yet to own any of Enterbay's 1/4 scale figures.

While this 1/4 scale T-1000 would be a great companion piece, I'm thinking that the price will keep me from getting it, plus the T-800 is an awesome, iconic piece all on its own.

But for those of you with fat wallets, or less diverse collecting habits than I have (which has me spending money on way too many things!), this might be just what you've been waiting for.

He's scheduled for a Q2 release for $419.99

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