Tuesday, February 11, 2014



 Again, it's not that the actual figures look bad, but, man, if only they were as breathtaking as these prototype images...

It's amazing how much difference a simple paint application can make in terms of getting a likeness 90% accurate or 50% accurate.


What the what?!?

With out any fanfare of even an official announcement, Funko has released-- already at retail (only at Barnes & Nobles so far)-- the first of their 6" figure line.

If you remember, earlier last year, Funko announced that they would be moving into the 6" figure market, saying that they'd rival Hasbro's Star Wars Black 6" line in terms of detail and quality, but since the announcement, nothing had been said-- or shown-- about it since.

Then, out of the blue, 6" Game of Thrones figures just popped up yesterday at several Barnes and Nobles across the country.

There are six figures in the first series, although Tyrion has yet to be found.

Looking at the design of the figures, it's clear that they very much followed the exact format of Hasbro's 6" SW figures in terms of articulation and design-- even down to the packaging style. But, that's certainly not a bad thing!

On a whole, the figures look pretty damn good! The only weak spot is in the likenesses to the actors on the show, which the figures are obviously based. (These aren't book designs.) But, then again, even Hasbro's likenesses aren't as good as they should be at this point.

If this is their launch line, then I assume that Funko can only continue to improve from here, and they're already kicking things off at a pretty high level.

I grabbed these images from some recent ebay auctions.

These are hitting stores now and retail for $19.99 each.

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