Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hasbro is really putting a lot of energy into their Star Wars Black series, and it's something that's finally got me back into collecting Star Wars again.

While they were mentioned last year at SDCC, this is our first confirmed look at both Jabba the Hutt and the Speeder Bike!

Unfortunately, Jabba will only be released as a single figure, no throne. But, there was some possible hint that we may get a throne later on, I'm thinking as part of a boxed set with another figure, like Bib Fortuna or Oola, Jabba's dancer.

Jabba will look pretty odd sitting there by himself, so I do hope we get something for him to put his blubbery hide on.

The Speeder Bike is pretty amazing looking. I'm guessing this will see a re-release at some point with a Luke or Leia in Poncho.

It's also good to see that Hasbro seems to be continuing their focus on the main characters, although personally think that it's a little early to see a second version of the Sandtrooper already-- unless they plan on releasing him with a Dewback!

I'm also wondering when we'll see C-3PO! R2 is getting pretty lonely without his counterpart to stand with on my shelf.

But, I certainly don't have any serious gripes about this line. It's been incredible so far and this is only just the beginning!

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  1. Why does Vader look fat? It looks like he's using the force to reach out for donuts.