Friday, February 7, 2014


Many of you have no idea who the hell the Power Lords are.

I do, since I collected the original action figure line back in 1983.

The Power Lords were a strange and quirky toy line produced by Revell, who were mainly known for plastic models kits of cars and airplanes.

The main character was named Adam Power who could transform (with the push of a button that would flip his torso around revealing a whole separate head and chest) into Lord Power.

He was joined by a quirky group of other heroes including Shaya [Queen Power] and Sydot the Supreme.

The villains were crazy and creative, and much more evil looking than most other toys at the time (which isn't surprising since the line was designed and created by mega sci-fi artist Wayne Barlowe). They consisted of Arkcus [The Evil Dictator] and his crazy henchman Ggripptogg [The Four-Fisted Brute] along with other alien villains, and others who showed up in Series 2.

There were no cartoons for this license, so it didn't reach the radar of many kids at the time, however there was a 3-issue comic series from DC comics as well as a pretty crappy video game.

But, the kids like myself who owned or collected the line, were really treated to something new and different (especially in the design and execution of the figures themselves) than anything else that was out there at the time. (Although it did tap into the vibe of many other toys lines of the time, like Masters of the Universe and Star Wars.)

Now, 30 years later, the talented fanboy quartet known as The Four Horsemen once again bring an old and fairly underground property back from the past (the first being their Outer Space Men line) in the hopes of sharing some of that magic with the current toy collectors.

While the original figures were in the 5" scale, these will be 3.75". Personally, I'm not too happy about that fact, but with the cost of production these days, and with Four Horsemen Studios being an independent toy company, I certainly understand the decision.

Hopefully we'll get some hard facts on the line and when it will finally be released at Toy Fair in a few weeks, where the new line actually made its debut last year.




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