Friday, February 21, 2014


Are you prepared for this assault?

Once again, it's summer super hero movie time, and this year Hasbro is putting all their merchandising power behind the mostly unknown (to the general public) Guardians of the Galaxy.

Will it pay off? That all depends on how good the movie is, how well it performs and how well it's received for kids. (That's right, toys are still made for kids, fellas!)

What surprised me is that there will be no 3.75" line for this movie. Instead, there will only be the 6" Marvel Legends Infinite series (which was a wonderful surprise), but everything else is just for kids. Very "toyish", if you will.

There will be a new line of 2" figures called "Battle Gear" figures. These can be seen here. 

Then there will be the usual electronic figures and such, but Hasbro seems to be wisely expecting Rocket Raccoon to be the star of the film and the most appealing to kids.

Electronic "Big "Blast" Rocket Raccoon

There will also be a line of different spaceships from the film, perhaps trying to capture some of that Star Wars magic that the kids and collectors love so much.

But, all of my focus and excitement is on these new 6" Legends Infinite figures, which features movie versions of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, as well as new comic versions of Iron Man and Nova.

Expect the onslaught of product to begin around mid-summer.

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