Monday, May 5, 2014


Well, color me damn impressed. Sideshow keeps getting better and better with each new 1/6 scale release. Are the days of wonky heads, bad paint apps and crappy QC on their 1/6 scale figures behind them for good? I certainly hope so.

As great as this figure looks, I could really care less about Jango Fett-- or any other "prequel" movie characters, for that matter. I'm looking forward to the new movies building upon the original films with the prequels hopefully fading into some forgotten part of memory.

Sorry to be so down on those films. I know it seems very "typical" for some geek on the internet to be talking negatively about Star Wars or some other beloved/successful property or franchise, but nothing in my life was more meaningful or personal to me as a kid than my absolute obsession and love for all things Star Wars, and those damn [new] films hit me in a way that I just can't recover from. It was like living your whole life and finding out as an adult that you were really adopted. I have tried over and over and over to find something redeemable in those films to connect with, but other than Darth Maul looking cool, and the CGI being pretty mind-blowing in Ep III, I just hate those films. I hate them. Sorry.

Hooray! Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!

Fett Sr will be out in June of 2015-- more than a year from now-- for a retail price of $219.99

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