Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I've was a Ninja Turtles fan from day one.

I collected all the original comics, starting in the early days before the toys, before the cartoons, before they were turned into kid-friendly pop culture icons.

The original Turtles were not what most people know them to be. When Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird first created the Turtles, they were based on books like Frank Miller's Dark Knight (Batman). They were dark, gritty characters who sliced, chopped and killed their way through the Shredder's ninja underground.

They all wore the same colors (red) and the comics were in black and white, with the only way of [visually] telling them apart being the weapons they carried and their distinct personalities-- which did not include loving pizza or saying things like "kawabunga".

When the cartoons hit the air, I was happy to have TMNT cartoons to watch, but these goofy, surfer dude style Turtles took some getting used to. Eventually, the comics faded away, and TMNT became a cartoon/toy/movie juggernaut. I collected the figures-- I mean, all of them. I was older by then and was able to buy them all the day they came out with money I was making by working at the local comic shop. For many years, TMNT were a huge part of my toy collecting.

But, nothing lasts forever, and the original TMNT craze finally slowed down and fizzled out. It had a few short resurgences, but I didn't pay them much mind. Even now, I don't watch the Nickelodeon cartoons, but the Turtles still hold a special place in my geeky heart.

I think that's the reason why I'm actually pretty excited about this new movie. I don't have that feeling that a lot of people do, where any change from what they remember as a kid is resented and used as fodder for internet tirades. I think the movie looks very fun and very cool, and I even like the designs of the different Turtles.

 At the very least, I'm going to reserve any judgement about the film until I see it, but I have a very good feeling that it will be a fun, nostalgic ride.

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