Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So it looks like the X-Men figures were recently saw in the Asian magazine scan will indeed be making it to retail. (Some speculated that it never would! In your face, Negative Nellys!)

The series will be a Toys R Us exclusive. This is not something to complain about-- this is something to rejoice and to give thanks to Toys R Us about because, without them, we would most likely not be seeing these figure at all.

Toys R Us has stepped up in a big way this year with their Hasbro exclusives, bringing us the All-New X-Men Legends Box Set, this new wave of X-Men Legends and they are also the only store who will supporting and carrying GI Joe on the year of it's 50th Anniversary.

With this X-Men wave, I had hoped that it would include the same kind of "swap out" figures that the recent Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America waves did, but it looks like these will be the only figures in the wave. Which means, much to my eternal dismay, that there will be no Rogue in this assortment. (She was supposed to be the swap-out figure with last year's Diamond Exclusive Wolverine Legends series, but the second wave never came.)

All in all, this is a pretty good wave, with the new Storm figure being the stand-out for me.

This exclusive wave is set for a June release for $19.99 or $21.99 each, depending on your Toys R Us.

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