Friday, May 30, 2014


I used to watch Gozilla movie marathons on TV almost every Saturday as a kid, so I grew up on the "King of Monsters" just as much as I grew up on Star Wars and Marvel comics.

As a character that's very near and dear to my heart, I had fears of US film makers not doing 'Zilla the justice he rightfully deserves (especially after the flaming turd that was the '98 film). But, I loved the new film and thought that Godzilla was handled absolutely perfectly! I almost had tears of joy in my eyes watching him do his thing, complete with roar and atomic breath, in glorious IMAX 3D.

I even thought the new design translated perfectly on-screen.

Before seeing the film, I had little to no interest in buying figures based on this new design, but after seeing it, I'm pretty much down to buy anything that NECA or Bandai are releasing for the 2014 version.

Speaking of which-- Bandai has finally shown pictures of the final 2014 Godzilla for their SH Monsterarts line. (Originally, I didn't even think they were going to make a US based Godzilla!) This looks to be yet another perfect translation of 'Zilla for the Monsterarts line, complete with ton's of articulation. (Although no atomic breath accessory, which kind bums me out.)

He'll stand just as tall at the 6" NECA version (which is a beautiful figure!) and likely be easily twice as good-- but he'll cost three time as much.

He's set for a October release for $67.00

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