Thursday, April 18, 2013


For those of you who are real toy geeks such as myself, you probably know something about Kenner's unproduced line of 3.75" action figures from the original Alien film.

The only thing that was ever seen of this line were photos of some prototype figures, but nothing ever made it to production. Sure, with the success of Star Wars at both the box office and with Kenner's own line of action figures and toys, another sci-fi series seemed like a no-brainer. But when the film was completed, Kenner deemed it too dark and violent-- and not in the vein of Star Wars at all-- to move forward with. The only thing that did make it to retail was a large, 18" Alien figure, but due to the tone of the film and some outcry from parents at the toy's dark and scary look, they were pulled from toy shelves (which is why it demands a high dollar value to this day.)

As you might expect, the Alien figures were done in the same 5-point articulation as the Kenner's other line, Star Wars. Since Super 7 is looking to recreate the figures exactly as Kenner planned them to be released back in 1979, you shouldn't expect anything along the lines a NECA figure. These are true retro figures. (Or as Super 7 calls them-- ReAction figures.)

Super 7 is mainly an "art toy" company, so production numbers will be low and distribution will spotty, so don't expect to see these at many of the usual online outlets-- and definitely not in retail stores. This would also be the reason for the price-- $20 each. A major leap from the $2.50 they would have been back in 1979 if they had been released.

But, if you know anything about this long-lost toy line, then you know how amazing it is that we're going to have there chance to own them at all.

Super 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures

Super 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures

Super 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures
3.75" Alien (with removable transparent dome, extendable jaws and glow-in-the-dark head)

Super 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures - Kane
3.75" Kane in Nostromo Space Suit (with removable helmet and transparent visor)

Super 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures - RipleySuper 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures - Ash
 3.75" Ripley (with flame thrower) - 3.75" Ash (with motion detector)

Super 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures
There will also be a Dallas figure (Super 7 version not shown). He will include a Flamethrower accessory.

Also, if you make a purchase at the Super7Store, you will receive a very cool repro catalog with your order. Supplies are limited!

Super 7 3.75" Kenner Alien ReAction Figures - Free Catalog

Look for them in Aug/Sept with pre-orders to begin at San Diego Comic Con in July.


  1. They must already be out of catalogs....
    I placed an order the same day the free catalog was announced just to receive one. They did not send it with my order when it came in.

    1. They said "while supplies last"-- I guess they didn't last very long! It's a bummer that you didn't get one, but on the positive side, that might mean there's a lot more interest in this line then they thought there would be-- which means they could move forward the the expansion of new figures they planned to do.