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UPDATE 3/2/2014- 12" Joe Set for JoeCon 2014

UPDATE 2/11/2014 - Here's a look at the exclusive Joe Colton figure that will be available at JoeCon this year.

Colton will come with the 12" set and will also be available (in limited supplies) in a carded format for individual purchase.

This is kind of a dud figure for me, but I'm sure it will excite many other Joe fans.

Also be sure to check out the new unmasked version of Ozone shown below!

I'll be editing this post with new images as the figures from this year's Joecon Convention Exclusive Set are shown.

First up is this rather unexciting figure of a Cobra dude in a lab suit. Yeah... not real exciting. His official title is: ARBCO Industries Technician "Cobra Lab-Rat".

There will be two of these in the set, which will also include--

    Zombie Hunters: Outback, T’J Bang, Steel Brigade Commander

    E.C.O. Force: Flint, Ozone, Clean-Sweep

    Toxo-Vipers x3, Toxo-Zombies x3, and Repulsor with Dawg (NEW K-9)

Next is the Steel Brigade Commander. As many collectors probably already guessed from his name, he's the "gold head" version of the regular Steel Brigade figure.

Shown today (1/23) was ECO Force (Warriors) Flint. Can't say I'm too impressed with this one (or what's been shown from this set so far, to be honest). I was hoping for something a lot closer to his original ECO uniform, but this seems to only bear a passing resemblance, and not really enough of one for me to want to display this figure as "ECO Warriors Flint".

Now this is what I'm talking about! This is the first figure in this set that I've been really impressed with. This new version of Ninja Force member T'Jbang looks like a perfect update of the original figure.

Nice job on this one Hasbro/Joe Club! A great follow-up to T'Jbang, Ozone looks very, very reminiscent of his original ECO Warriors figure.

Here's another great looking figure from this year's GI Joe 3.75" Convention Set-- the Toxo-Viper.

Ehhhhh..... I think this is actually a really cool looking version of Outback, but I was kinda hoping for him in his Battle Corps gear.

Definitely an outstanding version of Eco-Warrios Clean-Sweep! Even though when I look at this figure I still can't help but think of Homer Simpson...

Here's a look at the final figures for the JoeCon set this year.

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