Thursday, March 27, 2014


At long last, the Four Horsemen's Power Lords are almost here!

I absolutely love the packaging for these figures. Much like their Outer Space Men, the 4H have done a magnificent job of recreating the look of the original cardbacks for these guys.

Even though they never had a cartoon or soared in popularity like many other popular toy lines of the 80's, the Power Lords always had a fondness for me as kid with their outlandish designs and action features.

While these won't be in the 5" scale like the original figures (these will be around 4"), I can't wait to get my hands on them.

The recreations of the original releases will be available to everyone via the Four Horsemen's website, but there are also exclusive variants that will exclusively available only to those who subscribed to one of the three levels of memberships for the Power Lords (all of which are sold out now).

Adam Power, Lord Power and Ggripptogg will be made for purchase to everyone.

Ggrabbtargg will be an exclusive to those who signed up for the Power Ship and Volcan Rock membership levels. He will not be made available to anyone else, although they have suggested that the figure may be made available through some promotional avenues in the future.

The final figure, Ggrapptikk (also called "Ultimate Edition Barlowe Tribute Ggripptogg") will be made available to those who signed up for the Volcan Rock membership level only. Well, at least at first. The figure will actually be made available again to everyone once the membership guys get their shot at him.

This figure certainly qualifies as "deluxe" with all the extra heads, arms and weapons. (All the figures come apart at each joint so that you can mix and match or make your own characters via the Glyos System!)

This figure is made to be a "trooper", so I imagine that many collectors will want multiples of him.

No official word on when these will be made available for pre-order or what the pricing will be just yet, but as soon as I know I'll be sure to update you guys here.

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