Thursday, June 26, 2014


I don't report on entertainment news, although I follow it excessively and rabidly, but I had to share this bit of news as it guaranteed to be toy related.

Geek god director Guillermo Del Toro has just announced that his next film will be Pacific Rim 2 and will be released in 3D IMAX on April 7th, 2017!

In addition, there will also be a continuing comic books series and an animated series!

This means that you can expect NECA to keep producing Pacific Rim figures for years to come!

And don't forget, Bandai Japan also acquired the Pacific Rim license, so expect to see Yaegers and Kiaju from them at some point in the future. As much as I love NECA, the Bandai ones are guaranteed to blow theirs away.

I'm hoping to see Jaegers in the Soul of Chogokin line and Kaiju in their SH Monsterarts line! I have no idea how the Pac Rim license will be used by Bandai, but I can dream can't I?

And I'm going to highly recommend-- especially if you're an uber geek like myself and have fairly extensive knowledge of Japanese Kaiju and Anime films-- that you watch the director commentary on the Blu-Ray of Pacific Rim. Del Toro is like a geek god!! The man knows so much geek stuff that it's mind blowing!!

The future is bright for those of us who can not get enough of giant robots fighting giant monsters!!