Friday, June 27, 2014


So, it turns out the The Bat vehicle that Hot Toys has been showing for the last year-- which I assumed they decided was too large and expensive for people to actually buy and was cancelled-- is going to be released in a 1/12 scale (6" scale).

I don't know if Hot Toys will be doing any other 6" figures, but the idea is pretty exciting!

Personally, I'd prefer a 6" Batman with the Tumbler, but I understand that the point of this set is mainly to produce The Bat vehicle and not to start a 6" figure line.

I was considering the idea of getting one of these-- until I saw the price. Yikes!

The set will be sold in two ways... One set (MMSC001) will contain just The Bat and Batman, the other (MMSC002) will be The Bat, Batman, the fusion reactor (from the end of the film) and Catwoman.

Of course, with the addition of the Catwoman figure, that is the more desirable set.

The Bat will also come with a remote that will activate the propeller and all the lights on the vehicle. (They really need to start doing this for all their 1/6 scale figures, too! It's a pain in the butt to turn on all of Iron Man's lights on at a time and have to take the figure on and off the shelf every time.)

So, let's get back to the price-- which I usually put after the pics, but is so crazy that I'll put them here instead.

The set with Batman and The Bat will retail for $689.99 and the set with Catwoman and the fusion reactor will retail for $779.99.

These are not prices for the casual-- or even regular-- Hot Toys collector. These are prices for the hard-core, "gotta have every Hot Toys piece" collectors.

The only bit of good news, if you're looking to get one of these, is that you have plenty of time to save (or use Sideshow's payment program) as these sets aren't due for release until October of 2015, and even then, I expect them to be pushed back a little further (as so many HT products are.)

As mentioned, this will be released in October of 2015 for $689.99 or $779.99, depending on which set you purchase.

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