Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Here is a look at even more Mattel exclusives for this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

All can be pre-ordered on their site on June 23rd for those with "early access" and June 24th for everyone else. Items must be picked up at SDCC with proper ID.

First up there's this very cool looking Batman Arkham City Batmobile. It's scaled for the 4" figure line. I don't think this will be a true "exclusive" but rather a chance to get it early since an item like this will most likely be available at retail in a few months time. Cost will be $85.00

The next item is this action figure of Cyborg from a line called DC "New Way to Play". He comes with many interchangeable accessories. Cost will be $25.00

There will also be this figure from Mattel's Max Steel figure line. "Turbo Charged Max Steel" will cost $20.00

Shown at last year's SDCC and a proposed figure for Mattel's DCU subscription service that never went through, this over-sized figure of Doomsday in his prison suit will be made available at SDCC this year for $35.00

Here's a pretty cool looking item from Mattel's Hot Wheels line-- "The Darth Vader Car". I really love the packaging on this one. Cost will be $40.00

If you like high-end replica items, then this one might be for you. Previously, Mattel has produced items from both Back to the Future and Ghostbusters, this time it's this Batman Utility Belt from the 1966 Batman television show. Cost will be $125.00

From Mattel's super-popular Monster High line comes this exclusive set of Manny Taur and Iris Clops, sure to be one of the hottest items at the convention. Cost will be $40.00

Next up is this doll from an offshoot of the Monster High line-- Ever After High's Cerise Wolf. Again, this is sure to be one the hardest to get and most popular items. Lines get crazy for this Monster High stuff and sell out within the first few minutes of the show's opening every day. Cost will be $30.00

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