Friday, June 14, 2013



Hot Toys must have heard me because the figure is priced right on the $200 mark! Well, 199.99 if you wanna get technical.

He'll be out sometime during the 1st Q of 2014, meaning look for him in reality around May of next year.

Oh, and after having seen the movie today, I will be getting this figure after all. I'm a Marvel guy. I love Superman, but that's more from my childhood and Warner Bros. brilliant direct to DVD moves, but I haven't read a Superman comic since John Byrne did Action Comics back in the 80's! (Well, I did read All-Star Superman, which was an instant classic.) But, I have to take the "All-Time Best Superhero Movie Crown" away from Avengers and place it firmly on the Man of Steel's head, and I do it gladly. My mind was blown. The film, perfect. If a five year old me could only see what I saw today, we would have had a blast together.


And on opening day of the movie, here he is, Superman himself as done by inimitable Hot Toys!

This figure looks far more impressive than I expected to be, and the stand looks fantastic. Can't tell if it's a flight stand, though. It had better be!

Not much in the way of accessories-- not that you'd expect there to be. Just a simple assortment of differently posed hands.

There's no real reason why this figure should surpass the $200 dollar mark. A year ago it certainly wouldn't have. But, since we won't get any official info on him until he goes up on Sideshow (which could be within 12-24 hours), we can only speculate as the the price and release date.

I'm not sure if this is going to be a buy for me. Unless it's a Marvel figure, or an iconic character (Predator, Terminator, etc), all my "several hundred dollar figure money" is going towards Japanese robots these days. So my Hot Toys budget is someone less than before. But, if I was rolling in dough, I'd get all the Hot Toys figures-- no question about it. They're all worth owning. There's just nothing else out there like them.

Look for him in Q1 2014 for $199.99

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