Saturday, June 29, 2013


This will be another Toys R Us exclusive-- but it's also the first US only Masterpiece release.

So far, everything we've received from Hasbro in the Transformers Masterpiece line has been a re-release of a Takara product. Sure, this utilizes the same mold at Starscream and the other jets, but this is a first-time character for the MP line.

This guy doesn't hold any interest for me, though. The TF MP figures are among some of my favorites in my whole toy collection, but Acid Storm? A D-Level, kinda half-made-up character? Ehhh... not for me.

Figure looks kinda cool, still. And with him being a US only release, he might garner some nice after-market return if you sell him internationally. But if the rest of the world doesn't have an interest in this character, and most non-hard-core TF collectors probably won't either, I'm not too sure how well this guy will be selling. I mean, when Thundercracker sits around on the shelves for 6 months, what chance does "Acid Storm" have? Guess we'll find out....

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Hasbro/Takara Transformers Masterpiece Toys R Us Exclusive Acid Storm

Hasbro/Takara Transformers Masterpiece Toys R Us Exclusive Acid Storm

He's slated for a July/Aug release along with Soundwave and will sell for 74.99 exclusively at Toys R Us and

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