Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 UPDATE - 4/15/2014 - NEW PICTURES!!!!

 Am I on drugs? Is there something wrong me?

Why does Artstorm-- an amazing Japanese company, which you can clearly tell from their Walter and Peter Bishop figures here-- keep showing us an Olivia Dunham figure that looks... oh, how can I put this... F**KING NOTHING like actress Anna Torv?!?!?!?!??!?!

Is this it?? Is this the Olivia that they're going to be putting out there for us to buy??

Now that we're seeing this "Fauxlivia" figure-- which sports the same head sculpt as the previously shown Olivia figure-- I fully believe that there will be no other Olivia sculpt coming. This is not a placeholder. This is the actual sculpt that Artstorm is using.

What a damned shame. What a damned, damned, damned shame.

With no way to get word out of Japan on ANY info (that I've been able to find) on these figures, everything about them is still 100% unknown.

From what I can tell, they all come with two sets of clothes and is seems Olivia comes with two heads as well as the second set of clothes. 

Release date and pricing info is still a complete mystery.

 UPDATE - 1/13/2014 - NEW PICTURES!!!!


It's wrong! It's all wrong! 

I seriously hope that this Olivia Dunham figure is just a placeholder, or some kind of work in progress, because it's a complete mess compared to the excellent work Artstorm has done on Peter and Walter Bishop.

There's not a single thing that I like about this Olivia figure. The suit looks poorly tailored, the face looks nothing like Anna Torv, and the hair is a disaster! It doesn't even have the part in her hair in the right place!

I have to believe that Artstorm is just showing us the Olivia is coming, but if this is the final version, I'm going to have to pass on all three of these figures! Which I don't want to do since, as a huge fan of the show, these figures are literally like a dream come true!

God willing, Artstorm won't drop the ball on Olivia this damned hard and we'll get a version worthy to stand along side these excellent looking Peter and Walter figures. Otherwise, why even bother?

UPDATE - 11/17/2013 - NEW PICTURES!!!!

Still no update on a release date or prices, but new pics are always welcomed, none the less!!

They must, must, must do Olivia, too!!


Okay... Somebody pinch me. I'm dreaming, right??

Fringe is one of my most wanted 1/6 figure lines of all-time, and I thought for sure that there'd be no way I'd ever see it!

I loved Fringe. Loved it. It was a fun, wonderful and brilliant show on so many levels, but more than just the stories, the characters and the actors were just all so perfectly cast. They made me actually care about them.

On display at Ani-Con in HK this past weekend was a wonderful surprise in the form of 1/6 scale figures based on the show.

Pictured are Walter Bishop (in two outfits, or possibly as Walter and "Walternate") and Peter Bishop. Olivia is shown in the pictures displayed with Walter and Peter, so I'm hopeful that she will also be forthcoming. To be honest, without all three of them, I wouldn't want any of these figures.

They need all three of these characters to make this line worth buying. That's the core of the show. And honestly, Olivia was actually the "main" character, if you want to pinpoint one of them.

I'll remain giddy about this line for now. Hopefully we'll get more pics and info as soon as possible!

Artstorm/Fewture 1/6 Scale Fringe TV Show Figures - Walter Bishop - Peter Bishop


  1. Many thanks for those updated pics, the likenesses look excellent! Where were the newer pictures taken at? Some kind of convention?

    1. I didn't take them myself, but they seem to be from some convention or showing in Japan or HK. I'm really hoping that they release some inf on these figures, soon! And hopefully we'll see an Olivia soon, too!

      I definitely have to have these, I just hope they don't break the bank!

  2. I feel the same, too. They really did the terrible job making the figure.